Dr. Amiee Rawlings Shows Compassion for Patients

Dr. Amiee Rawlings was born and raised in Boulder, CO. She loves this beautiful state! She attended the University of Colorado for her dental hygiene and doctorate of dental surgery degrees. Dr. Rawlings has always been passionate about teaching people about their health, specifically their dental health.

Dr. Rawlings is a cancer survivor. As a result, she greatly values her second chance at life. It has allowed her to help others enjoy the benefits of good health and their journey to get there. During her treatment, she was privileged to have very caring doctors and practitioners to help her through her cancer journey. She has learned great lessons from them that she now shares with her own patients.

She knows how scary having dental treatment can be for some people. She shows care and compassion for her patients and wants to give them the same sense of dignity and excellent care that she received.

Dr. Rawlings values education. Since graduating from dental school, she has actively pursued continuing education, completing over 800 hours of coursework. Her education includes a Maxi course in implant dentistry with a component on bone and soft tissue grafting at The Advanced Dental Implant Institute in Puerto Rico, where Dr. Jose Pedroza and Dr. Hilt Tatum trained her. She also completed a mini-residency at Dawson for the treatment of occlusal and TMJ issues and received training in the SmileFast system for smile makeovers.

Dr. Rawlings is happily married. She has four children and two grandchildren. She treasures spending time with all of them.

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