Same-Day Smile Save Time With Our Solution
  • Leave with implants & new teeth in one visit
  • We use advanced technology for your benefit
  • Relax with your choice of sedation

Regain Your Confidence With a Same-Day Smile in Montrose

Missing teeth make it hard to eat many kinds of food. Worse, they impact your self-esteem. You probably don’t smile as much anymore and cover your mouth when you laugh or speak. Fortunately, you can make a change faster than you think! With a same-day smile in Montrose, you will:

  • Get your brand-new smile in one appointment
  • Enjoy your favorite foods much sooner
  • Leave our office feeling confident about your appearance
  • Spend less time in the dental chair
  • Laugh and talk with a complete set of teeth
  • Avoid the bone loss in your jaw that makes you look older

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Replace Your Teeth With Implants in One Appointment

A same-day smile involves placing your implants and replacement teeth in a single visit. It gives you the same benefits of an implant procedure without waiting months for implants to heal before getting teeth. However, careful planning is involved. Dr. Rawlings uses advanced techniques and modern technology to ensure a successful outcome.

Here is what you can expect:

  • Preparation – Before we place your implants, Dr. Rawlings plans the process in advance. She uses computer-guided technology with the SmileFast system to prepare. It also helps her determine if it’s the right procedure for you. If you have extensive bone loss in your jaw, you may need a bone graft to replenish it prior to getting implants.
  • Placement – Dr. Rawlings will place your implants and a set of temporary teeth in a single appointment. She uses the All-on-4 technique, which uses fewer implants. That’s what makes this procedure possible! If you are nervous, sedation options are available.
  • Permanent Smile – Once your implants are in place, your mouth needs time to heal before you get your arch of more permanent customized teeth. However, with your temporaries you can still eat the foods you love and smile with confidence. In a few months, you’ll return again for your new teeth.

Call 888-495-5508 for a same-day smile in Montrose. We can’t wait to see you leave our office with a complete set of beautiful teeth!

Common Questions About Same-Day Smile

What is a same-day smile?

A same-day smile procedure allows you to get your dental implants and new teeth all in the same day. In just one visit, you can get a mouth full of beautiful, functional teeth that you’ll be proud to show off to everyone. We can even remove any remaining teeth at the same time to make room for your new teeth.

How much does a same-day smile cost?

We understand that every patient is unique and has specific requirements. When you come in for a consultation, we’ll thoroughly examine you and get digital X-rays. We’ll provide you with an estimate for your same-day smile. We’ll ensure you are fully informed and empowered to make the best decision for yourself and your oral health.

Who is a good candidate for a same-day smile?

If your jawbone is healthy, you might be eligible for a same-day smile treatment. However, because we use fewer implants, you won’t need as much bone mass to support them. During your first consultation, we’ll take X-rays to assess your jawbone. If a same-day smile is right for you, we can move forward with the procedure. If not, we offer alternative implant options that can restore your missing teeth.

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