Teeth Contouring

Get Your Better Smile Fast!
  • Improve your smile in just one appointment
  • Enhance your teeth with quick & budget-friendly care
  • Make it part of a complete makeover

Improve Your Pearly Whites With Teeth Contouring in Montrose

Even if you get a ton of compliments on your smile, a minor dental flaw can still bug you. That’s when teeth contouring in Montrose can help! At Colorado Smiles, Dr. Rawlings can reshape uneven or misshapen teeth with a simple procedure. As a result, you will:

  • Gain symmetry to your smile
  • Look more attractive in photos
  • Improve your most noticeable feature in just one visit
  • Save money with a cost-friendly cosmetic option
  • Enjoy permanent results

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Say Goodbye to Uneven Teeth With a Simple Contouring Treatment

A teeth contouring procedure is one of the most affordable cosmetic options. Before we contour your teeth, Dr. Rawlings will thoroughly examine your mouth to ensure it’s right for you. She likes to discuss all options available to you before moving forward. We often recommend this procedure for:

  • Smoothing out sharp or jagged teeth
  • Minimizing overly large teeth
  • Reshaping worn-down teeth
  • Correcting chipped or slightly crooked teeth

Once she’s ready, you’ll discover it’s a quick and easy procedure. Since it doesn’t impact your dental nerves, you won’t feel a thing. You can cozy up with a blanket or block out the sounds of our equipment with headphones. Plus, sedation options are available if necessary.

Choose Other Affordable Cosmetic Options

A contouring treatment is one of many cost-friendly cosmetic solutions. Depending on other changes you want to see in the mirror, you may consider:

  • Teeth Whitening – Brighten your smile with our in-office or at-home treatment options. Professional products get rid of stains better than any whitening kits from the store.
  • Dental Bonding  – Easily disguise imperfections with a bonding treatment. It usually only takes one appointment, and the results last for several years.
  • Gum Reshaping – Fix an uneven gumline or a gummy smile with a reshaping procedure. Dr. Rawlings uses a laser to ensure a smooth and easy experience.

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Common Questions About Teeth Contouring/Crown Lengthening

What is teeth contouring?

Teeth contouring is a simple way to get rid of rough, pointy, and uneven teeth edges. Dr. Rawlings will use special instruments to remove a small amount of tooth enamel to make your smile line even and give your smile a touch of sophistication. It is also one of our quickest treatments. Usually only one appointment is needed.

Is teeth contouring safe?

Yes. A great cosmetic dentist like Dr. Rawlings can ensure that the procedure is always performed in a safe and effective manner. This fast treatment relies on precise handheld equipment to smooth out imperfect teeth edges. By removing a small amount of tooth enamel, Dr. Rawlings can even out your teeth and help them appear more uniform. Your treatment will be completely comfortable, too.

How much does teeth contouring cost?

Teeth contouring is one of our most budget-friendly cosmetic dentistry treatments. Many of our patients choose it for giving their smile a more uniform and aesthetically pleasing appearance. That said, the best way to determine how much your teeth contouring treatment will cost is to have your Dr. Rawlings first perform an exam. That will give us the information we need to determine exactly what work needs to be done and how much it will cost.

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