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  • Make teeth whitening part of a larger makeover

Achieve a Radiant Smile With Teeth Whitening in Montrose

Coffee may get you through the day, but it can lead to stained teeth. Unfortunately, coffee isn’t the only culprit! Other foods and beverages can dull your smile’s beauty too. Certain lifestyle habits, such as smoking, and some medications can also cause discoloration. Brushing your teeth can only do so much to remove stains. For the best results, you’ll want teeth whitening in Montrose. It will:

  • Easily improve your appearance
  • Be cost-friendly so you won’t break the bank
  • Last longer than any store-bought options
  • Make you look younger and healthier
  • Boost your confidence in your smile

Call 888-495-5508 for a whitening treatment. Turn your dull smile into a dazzling one! Whitening is one of most affordable cosmetic solutions.

Choose the Whitening Treatment That’s Ideal for You

There are many options to whiten your teeth, but nothing does the trick like whitening treatments from the dentist. You’ll have access to professional-strength solutions, and we’ll confirm your oral health is in good shape too. When you come in for your whitening appointment, we’ll ensure there aren’t any underlying oral health issues that require treatment.

Depending on your smile needs, you can choose from:

  • At-Home Whitening – You’ll get custom-made trays along with a whitening solution. The treatment will gradually whiten your teeth over a few weeks. You’ll get better results than anything from the store. Plus, we’re one phone call away if you have questions or concerns!
  • In-Office Whitening – Get your teeth whitened in approximately two weeks by combining in-office treatments with at-home kits. In stubborn cases that require extra teeth whitening, achieving desired results can take up to eight weeks.

You can pair professional whitening with other affordable cosmetic services. Even out misshapen teeth with a simple contouring procedure. Or disguise dental imperfections with tooth bonding. If you are ready for a bigger transformation, Dr. Rawlings will discuss what’s involved in a smile makeover. It combines several cosmetic services under one personalized treatment plan.

Call 888-495-5508 today for teeth whitening in Montrose.

Common Questions About Teeth Whitening

Can teeth whitening be permanent?

No, teeth whitening isn’t a permanent solution. Many factors affect how long a whitening treatment will last, from the type of discoloration to the amount of coffee you consume. If you are looking for a longer-lasting solution to whiten teeth, you may want to consider tooth bonding or dental veneers.

What teeth whitening treatment is best?

In order to stay stable on the shelf, products sold over the counter at drugstores have a lower concentration of active whitening ingredients like hydrogen peroxide. This means they simply aren’t as effective as professional-strength products. In addition, professional whitening is easier to use than many drugstore products, which often involve messy strips.

Will teeth whitening whiten veneers?

Whitening treatments won’t work on veneers or on other dental restorations such as fillings, crowns, and bridges. If you are considering whitening, it makes sense to do it before receiving your restorations. That way, we can match their color to your whitened teeth so your restorations will look completely natural.

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